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WebMGS 2010


Como  26-27 Agosto

It is the first of a series of ISPRS WG IV/5 workshops, aimed at providing a dedicated gathering place and open forum for researchers, professionals, government decision makers and students to exchange and discuss recent advances in web-based mapping, geospatial information services and applications. The workshop theme, Sensor Web Enablement and Geoprocessing Services, encourages diverse topics related to the new web-based development of geospatial theories, technologies and solutions.
We trust the workshop will provide a good opportunity to share knowledge and experiences not only among the members of the WG IV/5, but also with researchers from a broad community.

Workshop Topics

The workshop is mainly focused on, but not limited to, Sensor Web Enablement and Geoprocessing Services. However, papers covering all aspects of Pervasive Web Mapping, Geoprocessing and Services are of interest for the workshop participants, including:

  • Sensor web enablement
  • Web-based spatiotemporal information visualization and analysis
  • Web-based multidimensional GIS
  • Open source solutions and open standards/specifications
  • Quality assessment of web-based geospatial information sources, processes and applications
  • Geospatial web architecture and system design
  • New cartographic theories and interfaces for web mapping
  • Location-based search and services
  • Geospatial web semantics and ontology
  • Adoption of new and advanced web technologies
  • 2D/3D visual effects, digital globe and geovisualization on the Internet
  • Neogeography and map mashups
  • Security, privacy, copyright, use policy and usability
  • Intelligent web mapping/GIS services
  • Geoprocessing services
  • Service chaining and web based geoprocessing workflows
  • Web-based virtual and collaborative geospatial environments
  • Web mapping/GIS for education
  • Web-based SDSS and PPGIS
  • Mobile and ubiquitous geospatial services and applications
  • Web resources for validating geospatial information products

The workshop organizers invite researchers, scholars, students, professionals, vendors, users, managers and decision makers to present and discuss the issues and latest trends in distributed and web-based geoinformation services and application.

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